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A Guide to the Course

Golfers of all skill levels can enjoy golf at Highbullen.  The course follows a stunning route through wooded parkland with spectacular views across to Exmoor and Dartmoor. There is a balance of challenging and rewarding shots to please everyone, from confident hitters to complete beginners.

Total Yardage approx yardage (subject to change with re-measurement imminent): 

White Tees – 5593, Yellow Tees – 5345, Red Tees – 4513

Front 9 : White Tees – 3089, Yellow Tees – 2947, Red Tees – 2621

Back 9 : White Tees – 2504, Yellow Tees – 2398, Red Tees – 1892

1st Hole – Par 4 – White 329, Yellow 296, Red 270

A hole that demands brain not brawn. Flight of shot is important as the dog-leg is only 200 yards from the back tee. The two-tiered green will prove to be a test for any ability and a three putt is odds on with tough pin positions.

2nd Hole – Par 3 - White 142, Yellow 128, Red 133

This elevated green needs no bunker protection as the putting surface slopes several ways with swales on either side. Tee shots often come up short so an extra club hit easily should allow the ball to reach and release.

3rd Hole – Par 4 - White 413, Yellow 400, Red 349

Time to open your shoulders! The perfect drive for the right hander is a gentle fade inside the line of the fairway bunker. A long drive with draw will run out of fairway and possibly into a water hazard. A mid iron approach requires accuracy to a green guarded by bunkers.

4th Hole – Par 4 - White 448, Yellow 427, Red 390

Hardest to reach in regulation. Anything left of the fairway blocks a second shot at the green. Right side of the fairway will give the perfect line into the green which is set diagonally to the rest of the hole. A par is not at all embarrassing on this hole.

5th Hole – Par 4 - White 308, Yellow 293, Red 280

A short hole within reach for the longest hitters in summer, but beware of the fairway trap which will gather up any drives off line to the right. This will leave you with the hardest shot in golf, a 60 yard bunker shot! Precise putting is required on the two-tiered green.

6th Hole – Par 4 - White 369, Yellow 356, Red 303

Long and straight will give you a vital advantage here as a bunker, ditches and hedges come into play. A large bunker guards the approach to the green so a loftier shot will prevail but be careful with your distance as this shot can be deceptive.

7th Hole – Par 3 - White 202, Yellow 179, Red 119

You may want to use a ball with no sentimental value for this tee shot! A large green guarded by water front and left will prove difficult to attack with the usual prevailing south westerly wind. Fluke or not, a par here is priceless.

8th Hole – Par 4 - White 378, Yellow 377, Red 354

Bunkers left and right of the fairway come into play with the tee shot. Plays longer than you think up the hill from tee to green. Be sure to judge your approach well to avoid the large bunker.

9th Hole – Par 5 - White 500, Yellow 491, Red 423

An accurate tee shot gives a good opportunity to make par if you play it with 3 shots. Tempted in going for it in 2? Beware! Ditch runs 50 yards short of green so any miss cues will cost you.

10th Hole – Par 4 - White 336, Yellow 324, Red 229

Sharp dog leg left up the hill. Stray offline to the right and the approach is much harder and longer. Cut too much of the corner off on the left and water awaits over the gorse.

11th Hole – Par 3 - White 149, Yellow 149, Red 96

Stunning short hole from an elevated tee. A wide shallow green is guarded by water and sand. Take extra care with club selection as wind direction will make a dramatic difference to ball flight.

12th Hole – Par 4 - White 373, Yellow 373, Red 276

Dog leg right. Avoid straying into woodland in the right rough, because even if you find your ball you will be blocked out to the green. Bunkers short and long with a pond to catch anything too strong. Aim for front right portion of the green to be safe.

13th Hole – Par 4 - White 316, Yellow 289, Red 265

A classic thread-the-needle hole. This spectacular par 4 has trees tight on either side. In range fairway bunker may catch you out along with the large bunker 20 yards short of green to catch over-ambitious golfers from the tee.

14th Hole – Par 4 - White 386, Yellow 357, Red 309

Dog leg right played over water from tee. Any approach shot left of elevated green is likely to find the greenside lake.

15th Hole – Par 3 - White 120, Yellow 107, Red 69

Highbullen’s shortest hole. Correct club selection and judgement is critical to hit the green and miss the lake. Any balls with too much spin may also fall victim to the lake. Players with nerves of steel will triumph here.

16th Hole – Par 4 - White 379, Yellow 366, Red 292

A stunning straight hole. Favour the left side as fairway slopes gently to the right where a natural hazard (large oak) awaits. Again, keep approach shot to the left side of the green and the ball will gather onto the green. Miss right and a bunker and trouble will punish you.

17th Hole – Par 3 - White 136, Yellow 131, Red 111

Another short hole requiring real accuracy on a green that’s lightning-quick from back left to front right. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the breathtaking backdrop of the Mole valley (plenty of time for photos later).

18th Hole – Par 4 - White 309, Yellow 302, Red 245

The make-or-break hole. Play it safe with mid-iron off the tee or risk it all with a driver and pitch to give yourself a chance for a closing birdie. This hole is the perfect match play decider.

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